Testimonials of Bemidji Health and Wellness Center

When I walk into Bemidji Health and Wellness I immediately feel genuinely cared for in mind, body and spirit. The positive energy I soak up helps me keep a balance of serenity and wellness. I have complete trust in Dr. Sanya to diagnose and treat me and I constantly reap Gail's balance. I have come to depend on this place of wellness to make my life better. I am very, very fortunate to have this life's experience.

— Hallie B.

A wonderful place to come to and get balance and peace in your mind and body. Dr. Sanya and Gail are wonderful and help bring tranquility and calm to a persons mind and body. Wonderful place I love coming here.

— Karen K.

Bemidji Health and Wellness helps me keep healthy! Whether it is maintenance or critical care help, they help keep me balanced!

— Margot K.

The staff and care given at BHWC are wonderful! Dr. Sanya and Gail take very good care of their patients by being good listeners and skilled at their craft. Sanya is also willing to work with other health care providers in order to give the best care for her patients. I am so satisfied with the care I receive.

— Jay S.

Dr. Sanya is a great chiropractor who understands how to ease the tension and help the body heal. She helped me with painful ribs, not only putting them in place, but giving me stretches to do at home for a complete healing.

— Cheryl S.

Acupuncture. Oh what a relief it is! A great help to relieve muscle tension, especially for my neck and upper shoulder. Dr. Sanya knows how to get to all the right spots.

— Kevin S.

I was so pleased to have found BHWC. I frequently hear great things about Dr. Sanya and Gail and I am pleased to say that I too go there, and I can honestly say its the best chiro experience I have had in all the years I have been going to a chiropractor. Thank you BHWC!

— Ardis L.

I'm going to Bemidji Health and Wellness for acupuncture to help with my anxiety. First few times I had to bring my husband with me. The staff is so patient and kind, I've been going for over a year and I no longer need my husband to accompany me. I'm so comfortable there and the staff is amazing.
— Jen

I have been a patient of Dr. Sanya at Bemidji Health and Wellness Center for about 9 years. The staff is very accommodating for arranging appointments around my schedule. I am greeted when I come in and feel comfortable while waiting for my appointment.

I receive chiropractic care that addresses my health needs. Dr. Sanya is very professional and listens to my concerns. She is willing to work with other professionals in order to meet my chronic pain issues. I need a healthcare tool box and she is an important tool in that box. I always recommend her to others when they are seeking chiropractic services. I feel so fortunate to have her skill as a chiropractor here in the Bemidji area.

— Beth O.