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Animal Chiropractic

Dr. Mortenson with a dog

What IS Animal Chiropractic?

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Animal Chiropractic is a distinct and separate approach to health care which utilizes the expertise of both the Chiropractor and the Veterinarian. Animal Chiropractic is designed to offer the animal owner a total health care package to provide their animal with the best care available. Animal Chiropractic care does not replace traditional veterinary medicine but creates a symbiotic relationship between the two professions. Animal Chiropractic is a method of health care which uses no drugs or surgery. Animal Chiropractic uses natural methods to restore health. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy, well-adjusted animal who can live a long life and reach their full potential.


  • Enhances flexibility and increases range of motion
  • Stimulates circulation, releases endorphins
  • Restores proper joint alignment and biomechanics
  • Decreases musculoskeletal pain
  • Increases nervous system function
  • Improves function of the immune, digestive and circulatory systems
  • Slows the progression of degenerative conditions like arthrits
  • Increases quality of life

Dr. Mortenson with a horse


  • General preventative health care
  • Lameness/limping/crying while bearing weight
  • Pain/ agitation with touch
  • Stiffness, muscle spasms
  • Head and neck discomfort, loss of normal motion
  • Abnormal or aggressive behavior
  • Change in appetite, trouble chewing food
  • Straining to defecate, changes in stool quality
  • Change in activities- refusal to jump into vehicle or on couch/bed
  • Arthritis and Degenerative joint disease
  • Blocked anal glands
  • Reluctant to have tail touched


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